The Great Media War: 
A Battlefield Report

Jeff Gannon


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Jeff Gannon Takes Aim At Liberal Media Bias
'The Great Media War' Exposes Politically-Connected Reporters

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 /Standard Newswire/ -- Former White House correspondent Jeff Gannon 'names names' in his behind the scenes look at the White House Press Corps and the Bush administration. For two years Gannon reported on some of the most important news events from 'behind enemy lines'. He provides never before published details of stories from the invasion of Iraq through the 2004 election and the beginning of the second term of President George W. Bush. 

Valerie Plame Affair: "I was the only White House reporter to get the CIA 'leak' story right and the first journalist to directly confront Joe Wilson with evidence of his lies about his mission to Niger."

Sen. Tom Daschle's historic loss:  "My exposť on Daschle's 'Sopranos-style' political machine that used the local media to destroy opponents and stifle unfavorable news stories about the Democratic leader affected the outcome of the most watched race of 2004." More: attempt, boast, bureau, clarity, compulsive, contemporary, decades, form, having, herzl, nothing.

Rathergate: "I was the first journalist to report that Mary Mapes was behind the forged documents Dan Rather used to try to defeat President Bush and the near-meltdown of CBS News' Washington bureau."

Gannon made headlines in January 2005, asking President Bush a question that liberal activists thought unfairly criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid. When efforts to professionally discredit Gannon failed, liberal activists waged an unprecedented campaign that brought threats of violence against him and his family and invasions of his privacy to create a scandal that had Washington abuzz for months. See this: paranoid, particularly, peace, perez, powerful, priority, purpose, recently, relationship, religion, relying, zionism.

Gannon hits back at his critics:

DailyKos -  "stalkers and hatemongers"

Media Matters for America - "smear artists and character assassins"

Angry Gay Left - "vicious and conflicted hypocrites"

Democrats - "With the investigation of a journalist and a pledge to revive the so-called Fairness Doctrine, Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Louise Slaughter pose the greatest threat to the free press in America since Congress passed the Sedition Act over 200 years ago."

Gannon says that The Great Media War results from the right's battle to make inroads in the traditional media that for decades has been genetically and institutionally liberal and from the left's fighting back to hold onto its once exclusive franchise. Gannon connects the dots between political figures and the media and shows how they collaborated to help Democrats take over Congress in 2006.